About Us

SOUL: Soul is a way of life!

A base camp, where one can rejuvenate and move on with the never ending trek of life. The journey is a long one, and what's required of us is the ability to keep going on and on. Welcome to a Brand New Soulful Life.

    Mission Statement

  • Become the healthy alternative to unhealthy choices.
  • Provide consistent, long-lasting and continuous results.
  • Constantly influence and help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Founder: Sheetal Bangur

Sheetal Bangur Hails from Kolkata and shifted to Hyderabad about 15 years back. She is currently the Managing Partner to Soul Beauty and Wellness Centre LLP, President for Entrepreneurs Organization Hyderabad and Director of Navjyoti Commodity Management Service Limited. Sheetal did her M.Com from Kolkata, specialising in the verticals of Finance and Commerce. She then joined the family business by as the Director Commercial for The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills. Her contribution to the company was immense in the fields of Farm Forestry as under her guidance, the company reached a key figure of planting more than 100 million saplings per year across Coastal Andhra. Besides ensuring raw material availability, she played a key role in the Rs. 950 crores expansion project at Andhra Paper.

Waith interests such as reading and travelling, she started a company called Samay Books in the year 2001. The main motive of this company was to provide a platform for young talented writers who could use this organization to jump start their careers. Subsequently, Samay Books also started a printing division which over time has printed various books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from art to literature to travel as well as social norms in India. Sheetal has also ensured that from the beginning, a part of the company earnings goes towards social causes.

In 2003, Sheetal became a member of global organization called Young Entrepreneurs Organization and in 2006 became a board member of the organization’s Hyderabad Chapter. Displaying her commitment, she became the President of the Hyderabad Chapter in 2011 and lead prestigious events like the Regional Integration Meet wherein members from all over India participated in various social and learning events.

In 2011, she also started her first consumer service oriented company called as Soul Beauty and Wellness Centre LLP along with her cousin Mrs Hemlata Rathi who is a known figure in the fitness industry. The visionary approach of creating a retail space for wellness, fitness and beauty under one roof was very different concept that the citizens of Hyderabad were used to in the past. Soul now with 3 branches operational and one in the pipeline is now looking to expand out of Hyderabad under the leadership of Sheetal Bangur.

Sheetal who is also an art lover, loves to collect different works of art both modern and traditional and despite managing a host of different portfolio’s, she enjoy’s her work to the fullest.

CEO: Hemlata Rathi

Hemlata Rathi is a known name is the fitness and wellness industry. She had started her journey of relating herself to this industry from early 2000 and it has been 12 long years of her contributing great new facilities in this world of fitness. With the positive attitude and great values towards the society, her contribution has been immense and now she operates as the CEO for Soul Beauty and Wellness Centre LLP. Prior to this, she started a fitness outfit in her house named as Swasthaya located in Basheer Bagh where she earned great laurels for the innovative kind of fitness activities she introduced to the local residents in and around the area. With great degree`s in her hand such as Clinical Nutritionist from VLCC, Internationally recognized training course from Reebok, International degree for Yoga in Swami Vivekananda Institute, Sujok Therapist from Sujok Institute (Korea), M.S in Psychotherapy and Nutritionist from Acharya Ranga Rao University it was bound for her to win hearts of the people who have been in Swasthaya. Also Mrs Rathi with her training skills managed to certify almost 75 individuals who are now trainers in various parts of the country as well as the globe.As the rapidly growing client list it became difficult for the operations to take place which further leaped to a bigger step. With the help of her cousin, Ms Sheetal Bangur together they introduced a bigger brand to the city of Hyderabad called as Soul which started operations with the first branch in Banjara Hills on the 10th of April 2011 and now it has another branch in Jubilee Hills which recently started operations.

Hemlata Rathi who is the CEO for the Soul looks after almost everything and anything. Be it infrastructure or the new methods of fitness, wellness or beauty she promises to bring them all. With Soul Banjara Hills having the features of Spa, Salon, Gym, Nutrition, Wellness, Yoga, Aerobics, Training and Weight Management Hemlata Rathi has managed to create an environment for the fitness and wellness freaks to make this as their second home..With the launch of her second branch in Jubilee Hills which is the biggest salon in Hyderabad and Spa which has the Turkish Haman Bath and Massage, A Foot Reflexology Lounge, Spine Reflexology and Thai Thearpy is the first in India to introduce such services in the spa industry. With her eye for perfection and the great administration skills, she has a team of 100 people under her from all the sections of Wellness, Fitness and Beauty and about 150 people in directly working under her.

With great laurels and appreciations attached to this dynamic figure, she passionately does what she does the best. She is based out of Hyderabad and ensures to keep everyone fit, make them look beautiful and ensure a healthy living.